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The Golden Isles

The Golden Isles

The Golden Isles is a fantasy project by 3 friends: Battleborn, HenkJanIV and Tobi. The world will be filled with structures and environment made in survival mode. This project will be taking its time before its done but a download will be available when the first 3 projects are finished.

Eanmar City

Eanmar is a medieval/nordic city, due to its easy to reach location it
is thriving. The city has docks, has its own mine and farms. There 
arent any hostiles close to the city so it is really peacefull. The forests
are filled with wildlife and eatable berries. Even some travelling merchants
come past so now and then. Often they carry words of other cities and thats
the way Eanmar stays in contact with other countries or cities. Eanmar is ruled
by a lord wich is a very kind man. He wants wat is the best for his citizens.
Most of the citizens make a decent amount of money so there is no poverty.
The only enemies the city has are the pirates, the pirates roam the seas but
they are barely seen. So now and then a cargo ship is taken over. But due to
The prosperety of this city they have enough money to not waste their time
on hunting down pirates but to send a new cargo.

Made by: Battleborn

The city of Portae

The city of Portae is located on a peninsula close to the volcano Mt. Bomdoya. It is ruled by a governor who loves in his mansion. It's people are mainly fisherman and sailors and their main source of income is trade. The fortress is house to many soldiers who protect the bay from outsiders. On the edge of the peninsula is the ancient bridge of Gold, that protects the city from the hostile wildlings from the Frozen Plains. At day the city is a busy place, having lots of hard workers everywhere, but at night people like to drink and party in the taverns of the city.

Made by: HenkJanIV

Toarin Valley

The valley of Toarin was once a sacred place with ancient temples, but that changed when the monks left it to explore the world. Altough its Temples have been renovated by the leftover monks and new inhabitants, its secrets have been passed down for generations, and the oriental culture remains in the valley today. Toarin Valley contains two divided regions. The city of Toarin consists of cozy streets, taverns, houses, temples and parks. This place is very peaceful and appealing to its citizens. Both regions in the valley are ruled by one man, The Lord of the Valley, who is also head of the Kaijtin family. 
This clan is powerful and owns a large castle inside their wide walls, which seperates their clan and buildings with the rest of the valley. Even though the family is mysterious, they have been treating the citizens of Taorin Valley well. Inside the walls of the Kaijtin clan region are multiple residences located, and ofcourse the castle where the family lives. Taorin Valley has always had an alliance with the lord of Eanmar City.

Made by: Inraa

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