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————— Storage of minecraft materials —————

Storage of minecraft materials

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Mods for Minecraft

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shadow bending mod

curse forge page if need it    okay so this mod was made because I really love the idea of it    this mod will be updated for new stuff like powers weapons and more&n...

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More ores mod

More ores mod, you see it in the photo more ores! New ores with this mod: Rainbow_ore , dangerous_ore , fuel_ore , grass_ore , water_ore , copper_ore (Copper ore is buggy, bug fixes coming later) ...

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Homes and Spawn Revamped | 1.14 Datapack

This project was first made by Billy playz YT Then updated by:LegopitstopThis datapack adds in the ability to set your spawn and home locationLet me know of any bugs and they will be fixed- as long as it is thedata pack not Minecraft as a w...

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Inventory Tweaks

Great mod that helps you to sort your inventory. It's extrimely useful in case you have no free space in your inventory to add something else. You can simply press R button and the duplicate items will gather in one slot, opening huge amount of ...

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DoggyTalents (Dog for pumping) is a mod that allows you to pump dogs and give them unique talents. Firstly: there will be more opportunities for personalizing dogs, colored collars and decorations will appear. Thanks to hard training, your dog will ...

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Keeping Inventory

As name suggests, this mod lets you to save your inventory after death. So you don't have to worry after you fall down to the lake of lava or beeing exploded by creeper. Simple, but very useful mod that facilitates your survival....

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Too Many Weapons Mod | Gaia Edition

Too Many Weapons Mod - Gaia Edition Features: + New Creative Tab+ New Crafting Recipes+ Axe of Moros (Weapon)+ Blade of Chaos (Weapon)+ Blade of Gaia (Weapon)+ Blade of Tartaros (Weapon)+ Blade of Eros (Weapon)+ Blade of Nyx (Weapon)+ Blade of Aith...

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Biomes O' Plenty

Mod Adds 50+ unique biomes to enhance your world, with new trees, flowers, and more! Recreate your original experience of minecraft and discover the world again. There are so much to observe and learn in this mod, as apart from adding many kinds of ...

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The GhostBlock datapack adds GhostBlocks, blocks that can be traversed by players and entities but have the texture of classic minecraft blocks.   They can be obtained by throwing on the ground 4 sands, 4 cobwebs and the block of your choice (...

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Extreme Emerald Lucky Block Mod

Adds Hundreds of new things to Minecraft (Pokemon Update Again! Greninja! New Shinies! Fireballs! And more!) My best mod yet is finally finished! This mod isn't just about lucky blocks though but they are the main factor of the mod. This mod adds cr...