Greylight Flans Content Pack Mod for Minecraft [1.7.10]
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Greylight Flans Content Pack

Greylight Flans Content Pack Mod

This is a new pack for Flans mod so you will need Flans mod to be installed if you want to play with this pack. This flansmod content pack introduces a wide collection of over 90 firearms, with complimentary attachments, 3d armor, vehicles and additional equipment. The content is split into three unique factions, each having their own thematic colours and design. The Ambircon Technologies offer a steampunk take on weapons from older eras the Skymare Corporation provides a pre future variety of bluish-themed weapons finished with the companys insignia; and finally the Lupine Military whom use a collection of modern-day weapons, real and fictional.

How to install

1)Install the Forge 2)Download the mod 3)Put in mods folder


for Minecraft 1.7.10

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Hello terminator! Well, actually I have never tried it before!

February 10, 2021


hey crafter do you know how to download this on Minecraft Education Edition

February 2, 2021


Hello HoyChoys! It does not contain any virus! I have downloaded it again and checked!

January 10, 2021


idk if this is just my pc but it says the file with the pack contains a program that installs viruses and i cant find a download that does not contain this stupid virus..

January 10, 2021



October 23, 2020


ета круой мод

November 5, 2018