Iris Starline Mod for Minecraft [1.18]
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Iris Starline

Iris Starline Mod

Iris Shaders Mod has become quite popular those days as an alternative to Optifine mod, but having greater performance. However, the majority of players did not prefer it on top of Optifine because of the small support of shader packs. The good news is that today Iris does support almost all of the popular shader packs available for Minecraft. 

The difference the Iris Starline edition brings to you is the feature that enables shader settings. So now you can alter all the properties of your shader pack as you did with Optifine. 

How to install

1) Install the Fabric

2) Install Sodium mod

3) Download the mod

4) Put in mods folder


for Minecraft 1.18

Download (1.5mb)
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