RPG Skills - RPG Progression Datapack Mod for Minecraft [1.13] [1.13.1]
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RPG Skills - RPG Progression Datapack

RPG Skills - RPG Progression Datapack Mod

Once you have got your full protection IV diamond gear and your sharpness V diamond sword, there is not really much more to do in this game of mining and crafting. This datapack was made to change that. 

RPG Skills adds six skills that you level up by doing common things in the game, like attacking or mining. As you level up these skills, you get better at doing these things via permanent potion effects. At level 100 strength, you can kill a zombie in one hit with just a punch! 

RPG Skills also contains its own unique, comprehensive class system. Are you a ruthless attacker? Choose the Warrior class. Do you enjoy being unkillable? Then the Guardian is for you. Do you like to explore everything in sight? Then the Scout class will help you. Each of these three classes has their own buffs to XP gains, and each also possesses a special skill that must be charged. 

RPG Skills can be installed on any vanilla 1.13 world. Simply unzip the .zip file in the datapacks folder of your chosen world. Do not be alarmed if it takes a while to level up; this is intentional. 

You may use this datapack on a server freely, If you post the server online, make sure to credit me for the datapack.

How to install

1)Установите Forge 2)Скачайте мод 3)Поместите в папку с модами


for Minecraft 1.13


for Minecraft 1.13.1

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